Published On: Fri, Oct 27th, 2023
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The Israeli military sent tanks into the northern Gaza Strip

The Israeli military sent tanks into the northern Gaza Strip
The Israeli military sent tanks into the northern Gaza Strip

The Israeli military announced on Thursday that it had deployed tanks into the northern Gaza Strip overnight as part of its preparations for the next phase of the conflict. This move came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted at the likelihood of a ground invasion, with troops gathered at the border.

In a Telegram post, the military reported hitting multiple targets and mentioned that they were “preparing the battlefield,” but they did not provide further details. In a televised speech on Wednesday evening, Mr. Netanyahu vowed that Israel would take action against the armed group Hamas for the October 7th assault, which resulted in the tragic loss of more than 1,400 lives and the capture of over 200 hostages.

Following the Hamas attack, Israel has conducted aerial and artillery bombardments that surpass the intensity, destructiveness, and fatality rates seen in previous Gaza conflicts. The Hamas-controlled government in Gaza reported that the Israeli campaign has led to the deaths of more than 7,000 individuals, with nearly 2,000 others trapped amidst the rubble of destroyed structures. These figures are challenging to verify independently.

Hamas’s health ministry released a list of 6,747 names of confirmed casualties, including 2,665 children, along with their ID numbers, ages, and genders. It also noted that 281 individuals who perished in the bombardment remained unidentified.

This release appears to be in response to President Biden’s statement on Wednesday, expressing “no confidence” in the death toll reported by Gazan authorities. Last week, Hamas officials cited a death toll of 471 in an explosion at Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, while U.S. intelligence agencies estimated it to be between 100 and 300.

With Israel destroying numerous buildings and urging the northern Gaza population to seek refuge in the south, international aid agencies report that over half of the territory’s 2 million inhabitants have been displaced.

On Thursday, the Israeli military disclosed that it had carried out over 250 strikes in the preceding 24 hours. The Gazan health ministry reported at least 43 of these strikes, resulting in 481 deaths, occurred in southern Gaza, where Israel has directed civilians to go for safety. Israel contends that it is targeting Hamas assets, which are often concealed within residential buildings, mosques, schools, and other civilian locations. Palestinians accuse Israel of indiscriminate civilian casualties.

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