Published On: Fri, Oct 20th, 2023

TikTok’s Halloween Decor Hype: When Spooky Decorations Go Wild

TikTok’s Halloween Decor Hype: When Spooky Decorations Go Wild
TikTok’s Halloween Decor Hype: When Spooky Decorations Go Wild

The Viral Sensation: Halloween Decorations on TikTok

Prepare yourself for a tale that might sound like it was crafted by an AI story generator destined for the local 11 o’clock news. A few weeks ago, firefighters in Glens Falls, New York, rushed to a scene they believed to be a burning home. However, what they discovered was an incredibly elaborate Halloween display featuring LED lights, fabric, a fog machine, and a fan. An NPR Morning Edition report humorously dubbed it a “fire.”

But chances are, you didn’t catch wind of this story first on NPR; it went viral on TikTok. Videos of fake-house-fire Halloween decorations have flooded the platform, amassing a staggering 140 million views on videos tagged as “house on fire Halloween decoration.” It’s nothing short of absurd.

Now, hold on to your broomstick because, frankly, the level of Halloween decorations taking TikTok by storm is out of control. Apart from these faux house fires, you’ll find jack-o’-lanterns mimicking Michael Scott (Steve Carell’s character from The Office), eerie silhouettes of horror movie icons, and some bewildering dot matrix rave that’s left us scratching our heads. These videos are raking in thousands, if not millions, of views, with creators generously sharing DIY tutorials on crafting these over-the-top decorations.

But here’s the spooky part—this isn’t a new trend for 2023. In 2017, police in Tennessee had to issue a public notice urging residents not to dial 911 over what appeared to be a decapitated body trapped under someone’s door. In 2020, a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Halloween display led the fire department to a Los Angeles home. And in the previous year, a gruesome yard scene filled with fake dismembered body parts catapulted a Texas man to both TikTok fame and infamy.

However, a shift has occurred. Nowadays, Halloween decorations are being created with the explicit intention of going viral on social media. When they are mass-produced for clout rather than authenticity, they lose the essence of what makes things truly viral. It’s all hype for the sake of hype.

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