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Brian May confesses ‘emotional pain’ after first Queen show of 2024 ‘It’s hard’ | Music | Entertainment

Brian May confesses ‘emotional pain’ after first Queen show of 2024 ‘It’s hard’ | Music | Entertainment
Brian May confesses ‘emotional pain’ after first Queen show of 2024 ‘It’s hard’ | Music | Entertainment

Last night, Queen and Adam Lambert performed their first show of 2024 on the Japanese leg of their tour.

Sir Brian May, Roger Taylor and the singer wowed fans in the almost 50,000 capacity Nagoya Super Dome.

Yet the guitarist couldn’t help having mixed emotions, candidly opening up with fans on his Instagram afterwards.

Posting a video of one of his solos, the 76-year-old wrote: “Yes – THANK YOU, good people of Nagoya – for a truly wonderfully warm reception. So why have I been so quiet ? I was going so well on Instagram, wasn’t I ?!

“But now I have been finding it hard to post anything – because emotionally I’m still trying to process the emotions I felt on our first night.”

Sir Brian continued: “Elation to be back with such loyal and generous fans in Nagoya – a city we have always felt especially close to – but also pain of various kinds. I found it hard to be so far away from your faces, your hands, your hearts and voices in that colossal Dome. Seeing so many great comments here reassures me that our production was suitably colossal too. And that our intent came across.

“But, in the moment, I felt very uncertain – searching for that special two-way connection across a gulf dictated by the geometry of the situation. It was hard to hear you – hard to feel the energy that you were giving back to us. And hard to see you in the vastness, especially with those almost horizontal spotlight beams directly in our eyes.

“So it took a lot of faith to believe that it was all going as it should. So now I feel we will be better prepared. We’ll make a few changes, as we always do, and adjust our expectations !! Perhaps in working so hard to make sure you all had a good time we forgot that it all works best when WE have a good time too !! Or maybe it’s all in my head. Either way, look out OSAKA — cos here we come !!! #nagoyadome.”

Fans swarmed the comments to reassure the rock legend.

One comment read: “I’m sure the audience loves it, but also hope that whatever made you guys feel a bit unsure can be resolved! Best of luck for the next concert, dear Bri, I know it will be absolutely wonderful, with that magic only you can create!”

Another added: “You are ALWAYS caring about your fans, and how to make them happy. That is, also, why we love you so much. You are wonderful, Sir Bri Xx Take good care of yourself Xx.”

Queen and Adam Lambert’s next show will take place in Osaka’s Kyocera Dome on Wednesday.

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