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Pedro Pascal in talks for ‘Fantastic Four’

Pedro Pascal in talks for ‘Fantastic Four’
Pedro Pascal in talks for ‘Fantastic Four’

(Left) Pedro Pascal in 'The Last of Us.' Photo: Warner Media. (Right) Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic from Marvel Comics. Photo: Marvel.

(Left) Pedro Pascal in ‘The Last of Us.’ Photo: Warner Media. (Right) Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic from Marvel Comics. Photo: Marvel.


  • Pedro Pascal appears to be headed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • He’s in talks to play Reed Richards in ‘Fantastic Four’.
  • ‘WandaVision’s Matt Shakman is attached to direct the movie.

Is there anything Pedro Pascal can’t do on the genre front? He’s already a firm part of the ‘Star Wars’ universe thanks to his role on ‘The Mandalorian’.

And he’s been at the forefront of the successful video game adaptation genre via the role of Joel in ‘The Last of Us’ on HBO, not to mention a previous role on the channel’s megahit ‘Game of Thrones’.

Now, it appears, he’s headed for possibly his most high-profile job of all: Pascal is, according to Deadline, in serious talks for the role of Reed Richards, AKA Mr. Fantastic in the MCU’s ‘Fantastic Four’.

Fantastic Four
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Who is Reed Richards?

Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic from Marvel Comics.

Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic from Marvel Comics. Photo: Marvel.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for ‘Fantastic Four #1’, first published in 1961, Richards is a scientific genius and the leader of the Fantastic Four team.

When he and his colleagues were bombarded with cosmic radiation, Richards ended up with the ability to contort and stretch his body in different ways.

Along with Sue Storm (his main love interest, who has the power to generate forcefields and turn invisible, earning the name Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (Sue’s cocky younger brother, who becomes a being of flame known as the Human Torch and can fly) and Ben Grimm (Reed’s best friend who ends up covered in a rocky substance, becoming near invincible and super strong, and is called The Thing), he battles various enemies and has been a key part of the Marvel Comics universe for decades.

In movie form, he’s been brought to screens a few times, including an authorized Roger Corman production. But in terms of official movies, Ioan Gruffudd played him in two films based on the characters directed by Tim Story in 2005 and 2007 and Miles Teller in a moodier, darker and ultimately unsuccessful reboot in 2015, all released by 20th Century Fox.

When Disney bought Fox, they inherited the company’s Marvel properties including the FF and the X-Men.

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The Fantastic Four and the MCU so far

Fantastic Four comic book characters

Marvel’s Fantastic Four. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

At the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige announced, after fervent fan speculation, that the Four would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new movie, via another reboot.

The following August, MCU ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy director John Watts was announced as director, but stepped down in April 2022, deciding he needed a break from superhero movies (he’s since worked on a ‘Star Wars’ TV series).

Currently, ‘WandaVision’s Matt Shakman is on board as director, with Josh Friedman (who worked on the most recent ‘Avatar’ movie) writing the script.

And there was a surprise for fans during ‘Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness’ when John Krasinski showed up as a variant of Reed. Despite fan casting efforts, he was never confirmed to be taking on the role full time.

And the likes of Penn Badgley and even Ryan Gosling have been rumored.

Here’s what Kevin Feige has said about the importance of the characters to Entertainment Weekly:

“Fantastic Four is the foundation for everything that came after in the comics. There’s certainly been versions of it [on screen], but never inhabiting the storytelling of the MCU. And that’s something that is really exciting for us.”

While the caution is that a deal is far from done (the ever-busy Pascal has a packed schedule to work around, including finishing up ‘Gladiator 2’, the next season of ‘The Last of Us’ and Zach Cregger’s follow-up to ‘Barbarians’, ‘Weapons’.

If Pascal is indeed confirmed, expect the other casting to fall into place before too long.

When is ‘Fantastic Four’ due in theaters?

Assuming it keeps to its schedule, the movie should be released on May 2, 2025.

Marvel Studio's 'Fantastic Four.'

Marvel Studio’s ‘Fantastic Four.’

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