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Jon Hamm Says He Wants to Join the MCU

Jon Hamm Says He Wants to Join the MCU
Jon Hamm Says He Wants to Join the MCU

Jon Hamm as Vice Admiral Beau

Jon Hamm as Vice Admiral Beau “Cyclone” Simpson in ‘Top Gun: Maverick.’ Photo: Paramount Pictures.


  • Jon Hamm has said in an interview that he hopes to get a chance to appear in an MCU movie.
  • The actor is a big fan of Marvel.
  • He was considered for the role of Mister Sinister in a Fox X-Men film.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe might not be as successful as it once was –– latest release ‘The Marvels’ has flopped badly at the box office, and there is increasing criticism of the sheer number of movies and TV shows audiences have to keep up with in order to follow the story.

Yet that isn’t stopping actors from wanting to jump aboard the MCU, especially those who are established fans of superheroes.

Among that number is ‘Mad Men’ star Jon Hamm, who has not been short of work since the ad agency drama finished. He’s recently been a recurring guest star on ‘The Morning Show’ and is a part of the cast for the new season of ‘Fargo’.

On the press tour for the latter, he expressed an interest in working with the Marvel team.

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Jon Hamm on his Marvel hopes

Jon Hamm as Sheriff Roy Tillman in ‘Fargo’ season 5.

Jon Hamm as Sheriff Roy Tillman in ‘Fargo’ season 5. Photo: Michelle Faye/FX.

Here’s what Hamm told Screenrant about his hopes:

“Those decisions get made at such a high level at this point, definitely above my pay grade. I would love to. I’ve been a fan of Marvel Comics and comics in general since I was probably single digits. I think there are tons of stories that I’m familiar with, at least, that are still out there to be told. Hopefully, whatever their plans are, they include me. But if not, I know that they have a pretty deep bench of folks that are ready to be a part of those stories. There are certainly a lot of stories in the X-Men world to be told. Fantastic Four as well, [like] Doctor Doom. There are so many great things out there. But yeah, I hope I get a chance. Who knows?”

Of course, Doctor Doom would seem to be a good fit for Hamm, though there is a wealth of other options, even if the list of major characters has started to dwindle given the 15-year history of the MCU so far.

But, as Hamm mentions, both the ‘Fantastic Four‘ –– Pedro Pascal is reportedly under serious consideration to play Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards –– and ‘X-Men‘ (given a boost by a certain mid-credits scene from ‘The Marvels’) are on the way, and that opens up plenty of other potential gigs.

Jon Hamm’s Marvel near-miss

Marvel Comics' Mister Sinister.

Marvel Comics’ Mister Sinister. Photo: Marvel Comics.

And this isn’t the first time he’s been linked to Marvel; Hamm was considered for the role of Mister Sinister, who was mooted as a villain in 2020’s ‘The New Mutants’, but which never actually ended up happening.

So, could Hamm still make an appearance? Marvel would surely be happy to work with him, so which character do you think he should play?

Jon Hamm in 'The Morning Show,' premiering September 13, 2023 on Apple TV+.

Jon Hamm in ‘The Morning Show,’ premiering September 13, 2023 on Apple TV+.

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