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Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl spread is so over the top

Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl spread is so over the top
Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl spread is so over the top

You might be pretty excited about the spread you’re preparing to make (or just enjoy) for Sunday’s Super Bowl. Maybe you’ve got a killer dip on deck, or you’re planning to wow guests with some air-fryer wings.

As decadent as your dishes might be, I’m going to guess that they are nowhere near the extravagant options awaiting the one-percenters (or the lucky friends of said millionaires) who will be watching the game from the rarefied air of the exclusive suites at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, which cost as much as $2.5 million. That group, of course, is expected to include pop icon Taylor Swift, the girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce — the superfan who, if she shows up, will get as much attention as the football that’s ostensibly the center of Sunday’s spectacle.

Swift and her fellow high-rollers would have their pick of dishes including bacon-wrapped hot dogs, BBQ burnt-end burritos, glazed doughnut sundaes, loaded carne asada fries, seafood-stuffed baked potatoes, surf-and-turf nachos, Wagyu beef hot dogs and frozen cheesecake, according to a video posted by football social media content creator Luke Sawhook, who got a preview tour of the menu.

Love spicy food? Hate it? Watch a hot wing’s trip through your body.

Other treats available to the rich and hungry include a massive shrimp cocktail tower, king crab fried rice, wagyu tenderloin, as well as lobster, steak or Gruyere quesadillas, according to Page Six. Guests can also opt for breakfast fare, including buttermilk fried chicken with waffles and maple syrup, the news outlet says, and dessert includes a “Hot Dog Macaron,” which sounds like a bad sweet-and-savory mashup but is actually just a chocolate-covered banana, chocolate macaron, vanilla ganache and strawberry sauce (whew).

“The theme is the ultimate surf-and-turf,” said Sean Kinoshita, executive chef for Levy Restaurants, which oversees food and beverage for Allegiant Stadium, the home of the Las Vegas Raiders. Kinoshita said the chefs leaned into the host city’s steakhouse traditions for inspiration.

“We got the best of the best steak here,” Kinoshita boasted to Sawhook. “We got the biggest lobster we can find in the world, we got this stuffed baked potato that we carve to order. So we just kind of took that and took it to the next level.”

It isn’t clear from the video what a carved-to-order baked potato looks like, though it might be that the chefs prepare each spud to order?

There’s also an open bar, as one would expect for such exorbitant prices, with made-to-order cocktails poured over football-shaped ice cubes. We can only hope that they are prepared to whip up a French Blonde, the cocktail that’s reportedly Swift’s new favorite.

Not everyone seems impressed with the over-the-top offerings. Some commenters noted that lobsters are like a quarterback’s biceps, at least in one respect: Bigger isn’t always better. “They are feeding you the biggest lobster in the world which means the worst lobster,” one noted. Those skeptics are right — according to Susan Povich of Red Hook Lobster Pound, the ideal size is 1¼ to 1½ pounds. The larger the lobster, the tougher the meat, she says.

And while some were jealous (“watching this as I cry into my Cup-of-Noodles”), others found the theme a little … uninspired. “‘Basically we said meats cool potatoes are nice and really ran with it’” snarked one. “It looks like outback or am I crazy?” wondered another.

We know that Swift’s game-time snacks aren’t necessarily sophisticated (recall those chicken fingers with ketchup and “seemingly ranch”) so this array of offerings might appeal. And it’s possible that if she arrives she’ll arrive hungry, since she would have a much-worried-about journey to make from her performance in Tokyo to the stadium.

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