Published On: Mon, Dec 4th, 2023

12 holiday cookie recipes with chocolate, spices, fruit and more

12 holiday cookie recipes with chocolate, spices, fruit and more
12 holiday cookie recipes with chocolate, spices, fruit and more

Does a big, beautiful tray of cookies ever lose its novelty? No matter your age, the occasion or the selection, being presented with an array of enticing sweets is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. At least that’s how I’ve always felt.

I’ve been a member of the cookie fan club all my life. Spending several months each of the past five years recruiting contributors, refining ideas, testing recipes and sitting in on marathon photo sessions has only amplified my appreciation for this treat beloved the world over in all its many forms.

We’re in our 19th year of holiday cookies at The Post, with a roster of nearly 400 cookies, and yet we still managed to find fresh takes that span a wide array of ingredients, cultures and dietary needs. There is no theme here, just a concerted effort to offer recipes that are accessible, eye-catching and, of course, delicious. Many can be out of the oven in just about an hour, give or take. More time equals more cookies.

We reached out to some of our favorite chefs, cookbook authors and social media food personalities for their best and brightest cookie ideas, and did they ever deliver! In this group of 12 recipes, you’ll find twists on old favorites — Vegan Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, anyone? — and treats you’ve probably never seen before — hello, Lemongrass and Pandan Thumbprint Cookies. The options include recipes suitable for those on gluten-free or vegan diets, as well as one sweetened without the use of refined sugars. Citrus, spice, nuts and dried fruit are featured as well.

In keeping with our tradition of holiday cookie projects, we’re featuring a brilliant but beginner-friendly Pattern Sugar Cookies recipe from food artist and blogger Alana Allred. With just a simple dough rolled into a canvas and covered with decorations in the shapes and colors of your choice, you’ll be churning out wow-worthy treats good enough for gifts.

On behalf of all of our testers, tasters, editors, photographers, designers and stylists, I’d like to welcome you to explore our 2023 holiday cookie collection. The recipe developers introduce their creations below.

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