Published On: Sun, Nov 5th, 2023

Stylist tells women over 50 to ditch ageing item of clothing

Stylist tells women over 50 to ditch ageing item of clothing
Stylist tells women over 50 to ditch ageing item of clothing

When it comes to looking younger, women can go down several different routes. From routines to cometic ‘tweakments’ and “treatments”, there are plenty of options available. 

Some style experts believe that a simple wardrobe revamp is all women need to take years off their age. 

Deirdre, founder of 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre, spoke exclusively to about how mature women can look younger instantly with two simple style changes. 

Deirdre’s first tip was to be mindful of getting too complacent with fashion. She told women over 50 to “STOP wearing clothes ONLY for comfort”. 

While comfort is key, the fashion influencer warned against prioritising it over everything else.

She advised: “Make sure they actually flatter you too! I know that a snuggly, loose sweatshirt and old, faded lounge pants are cosy and feel like a duvet, but they look like a duvet too!”

This doesn’t mean ditching comfy clothes all together, but just making sure to pair them with more flattering pieces too.

She said: “To look more youthful, combine comfort with style. So, that sweatshirt could work but teamed with fitted, jersey trousers, which are still relaxed but the whole look is more balanced and flattering, not to say ‘youthifying’ too.” 

In a similar vein, Deirdre advised women over 50 to “STOP wearing baggy clothes”.

She instructed: “Get rid of the ‘bag and sag’ in your wardrobe. Baggy, saggy clothes will do you no favours and, through a lack of any body definition, will make you look older than you are.

“Sadly, not only do baggy clothes have an ageing effect, but also the eye assumes that you are as wide and as big as your clothes. So, baggy clothes will make you look older and bigger than you actually are. 

“It’s kind of an ‘I don’t really care what I look like’ approach – you deserve better than that!”

For those who love their looser items, perhaps these are best paired with something slim-fitting. For example, an oversized jumper could be paired with skinny jeans or fitted trousers.

As for which clothing items women over 50 simply must be wearing, Deirdre advocates for one “universally flattering” and “versatile” piece. 

She said: “This is a classic which can be maximised by mixing and matching to be worn for different occasions and to be dressed up or down, just with the addition of a few well-chosen accessories.”

Check out 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre for the ultimate fashion tips for over 50s women.

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