Published On: Mon, Oct 23rd, 2023

Learning Model of the 21st Century

Learning Model of the 21st Century
Learning Model of the 21st Century

Exploring the Inside-Out Learning Model: A Deep Dive into Modern Educational Theories


Written by Terry Heick, this article has been updated from its original 2012 version to provide a fresh perspective on 21st-century learning.

The Evolution of Learning Models

Building on our previous exploration of the 9 Characteristics of 21st Century Learning, we introduce the The Inside-Out Learning Model. This model aims not just for academic excellence but for genuine self-awareness, global interdependence, adaptive critical thinking, and evolving media literacy.

Emphasizing Community and Play

Central to this model is the integration of play, diverse digital and physical resources, and a symbiotic relationship between schools and communities. The goal is to shift the responsibility of learning from solely academic institutions to a collective effort involving various stakeholders.

Shifting the Paradigm of Learning

Communities, families, businesses, and educational institutions come together in this model to support and celebrate the learning journey of individuals. This approach fosters deeper intellectual connections and promotes healthier community interactions.

Key Domains of the Inside-Out Learning Model

  • Five Learning Actuators: Including Project-Based Learning, Play, Gaming, Mentoring, and Traditional Academic Practice.
  • Adapting to Change: Emphasizing well-being, acknowledging limits, reflecting on interdependence, and supporting systems-level thinking.
  • Transparency: Promoting open communication between learners, communities, and schools.
  • Self-Initiated Transfer: Encouraging the application of knowledge in diverse and evolving circumstances.
  • Mentoring & Community: Prioritizing community engagement, local action, and active mentoring.
  • Changing Roles: Redefining the roles of learners, teachers, classrooms, and communities.
  • Assessment Climate: Focusing on continuous assessments over traditional exams.
  • Thought & Abstraction: Valuing complexity, cognitive patience, and the abstract nature of knowledge.
  • Expanding Literacies: Emphasizing critical media consumption, content curation, and evolving media forms.

Foundational Theories

The Inside-Out Learning Model is grounded in various educational theories, including Situational Learning Theory, Discovery Learning, Communal Constructivism, and the works of Paulo Freire and Wendell Berry, among others.

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