Published On: Sat, Nov 4th, 2023

Wall Street Week 11/03/2023

On this edition of Wall Street Week, Cecilia Rouse, Former Council of Economic Advisers Chair explains why we are seeing the US labor market slow down. Scott Chronert, Citi US Equity Strategist breaks down the cross-asset rally after the Fed pause and cooling jobs data. Steve Rattner, Willett Advisors Chairman & CEO tells us what the UAW agreements with the Big Three automakers could mean for competition with non-union automakers. Henry McVey, KKR Head of Global Macro and Asset Allocation dives into China’s shift from being an economic miracle to disinflationary, and Lawrence H. Summers, Former US Treasury Secretary says that markets are over-interpreting signs from the Fed and labor market as evidence of contained inflation. (Source: Bloomberg)

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