Published On: Mon, Oct 16th, 2023

UK cities with the cheapest and most expensive beer pints

UK cities with the cheapest and most expensive beer pints
UK cities with the cheapest and most expensive beer pints

Pubgoers face rising prices for their favourite tipple but some Wetherspoons locations continue to offer some very affordable prices.

Data from Party and Larder suggests The Wilfred Owen, in Oswestry, is one of the cheapest pubs, offering a pint of Carling for £2.34.

Sadly it appears even Spoons has had to up its prices, as earlier this year the pub was selling a pint for £1.99.

Many Spoons pubs in the North of the country offer a pint at the cheaper end of the scale, for £2.58, while the Wallace Hartley in Colne prices its Carling at £2.49.

All these prices are well under half the price of the most expensive pint at a Spoons pubs, at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, where a pint of Carling costs passengers £6.30.

Unsurprisingly, prices at central London locations are especially high, with £5.89 for a pint at The Moon Under Water in Leicester Square and £5.82 at several other locations in the capital.

Previous figures from Finder rating UK cities for the best pub prices found the cheapest pints were available in Derby, Kingston Upon Hull, Perth, Peterborough and Gloucester.

Meanwhile, drinkers were paying the most for their drinks in London, Brighton and Hove, Luton, Norwich and York.

These were the cities that topped the charts back in May 2023:

UK cities with the cheapest pints:

1. Derby – £3

2. Kingston Upon Hull – £3.32

3. Perth – £3.46

4. Peterborough – £3.50

5. Gloucester – £3.50

6. Leicester – £3.63

7. Swansea – £3.65

8. Aberdeen – £3.67

9. Preston – £3.69

10. Aberystwyth – £3.70

UK cities with the most expensive pints:

1. London – £5.99

2. Brighton and Hove – £5.02

3. Luton – £5.00

4. Norwich – £5.00

5. York – £4.85

6. Belfast – £4.84

7. Edinburgh – £4.80

8. Cambridge – £4.75

9. Oxford – £4.70

10. Milton Keynes. – £4.60

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